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Photovoltaic Solar Design and Installation

NABCEP certification as a PV Installer provides a means to identify qualified installers, promoting confidence in the work performed. NABCEP certification is a personal not business credential.


Certification offers the public a high degree of protection because practitioners have to meet standards or qualifications and pass an exam, and they do so voluntarily.


NABCEP certification is billed as ”the one that’s hard to get”. This is for good reason as it requires four years experience in designing and installing solar electric (PV) systems (or equivalent experience and education) to sit for the exam. The exam is over three hours.


Every three years certificants must reapply and prove continuing education.


Voluntary certification programs accomplish three important goals:


1. They provide a measure of protection to the public by giving them a credential for judging the competency of practitioners;


2. They provide practitioners with a way to distinguish themselves from their competition; and


3. By potentially improving quality, they improve the public perception of the given occupation, helping increase the industry's prominence.


The NABCEP process has been developed and designed carefully following professional credentialing guidelines.


At Super Solar, the owner is NABCEP certified and performs the installation personally on every job, ensuring the highest quality of work.